There will be 4 rounds, one every 15 days, following the PreSale deadline. On each round a total of 26,875,000 VTX Tokens shall be made available to purchase, making a total of 107,500,000 VTX Tokens for the all ICO rounds.

The 4rd Round Price of 1 VTX = 0.22 USD

Minimum Transaction Purchase: 100 VTX

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Meet the leadership team √

Magnus Johnsen/COO

Economist, Investor, and Art Collector with more than 30 years personal experience on driving own businesses and educating people to lead in projects and companies around the world. Part of Internet and Digital Era developments since 1996

Toni Alcaraz/COO

Developer and graphic designer. In the Network since 1996, with own projects and for different companies. Enthusiast of new technologies and avid researcher of new ideas and proposals. Studies, in addition, in Community Manager and Online Marketing.

Ferran Casadevall/IR & Marketing

Business opportunities adviser. Real State, online marketing and international investments. From 2006, Spain & France’s head sales for Exclusive-Immo.hu. Enthusiast and investor in Stock Exchanges markets from 1995

Kassandra Rincon/IR & Marketing

M&A Adviser. Development of Banking and Corporate specific channels application and blockchain developments. Expert in consultative selling and translating solutions into compelling business opportunities.


And the most important part of it, our incredible group of genius developers which really make the difference…
and the excellence… at the time of delivering products!

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