Greetings visitors to our website

Our first ICO has finished already and now we are coming back to our regular daily activities.
We thank you all of those who has being proactively helping us during the process
Now the practical announcements:

  1. Bounty participants, Airdrops participants: Lists are in process of auditing and we do expect to start delivery of tokens around middle of August. Process shall be done manually as we will execute it straight from the contract thus will take sometime but hope will not go more than any date of September 2018
  2. Exchange: we do have a business strategy which does not really count on immediate availability of one or more exchanges. We had consistently told that exchanges are expected to come on this year and as we said “… at the end of 2018 at the latest…”, so do not expect we change our plannings as there is no reason to
  3. Vortix Token USD is already transférable so you are free to do what you want with yours through compensation or private transaction , at will.
  4. Unless for the product or company matters, all our social networks enter into a sort of hibernation as we need to dedicate our resources to finish integration into a bigger structure and finish solutions
  5. Gradually you will all be informed about release of demos , apps and final versions (beta tested) of MySafe and will be able to try it and experience with it

Thank you for your understanding and attention and we shall publish all notes and releases through this announcements board and our social network channels

Vortix Company and Developers

What is Vortix Ecosystem?

1. Security DAPP/APP single customer application for making your daily life a bit less scary about what you have inside your phone, or any connected device, explanations are in our site,
2. One Specific Commodity Stock Exchange for one very popular product, which in a way will come to solve the issue that there is no world market exchange reference and so we want to keep it confidential for the moment (the product)
3. One retail shopping mall, starting with Art , Collectibles and Sybarite kind of products but at affordable prices and worldwide offered,
4. One Solution for offline payments to virtual world, allowing thousands of people who does not have the possibility to access to online shopping , to have such possibility, even in places there is no Internet at all (*just a land telephone line should be enough for almost instant access and usage)
5. All these converging into a single currency and a single block chain, at the end, where all utility tokens from the prior projects will be converted to this currency as a part of our strategy.
Needless to say that all tokens are aimed to be exchangeable asap after releasing, but those holding it will benefit of several advantages and bonuses, and tokens will gradually be used to use, buy, and contract all services and available products
So far we do not see anything similar, and although we love to compete, our approach is very different to those coming from technology to real world.


about Vortix Ecosystem:

A multi-services and products platform where the Vortix Token Family shall be used to transact and execute orders, events, contracts and much more, linking the block chain technology to the real world and bypassing up to certain extent, over the current Internet browsing experience. Developed with DAPP’s, Client API’s and Proprietary Back End software, plus all interacting on the block chain (expected to be deployed on an independent proprietary but open and decentralized block chain, but with all tokens converted at equal value given on Ethereum ecosystem). In there you will find services and products like MySafe Vault, ThulePay, MegaBCMall, RetailINN, and other developments either made by us or from third parties or in a joint venture, there will be place for Multi-billion Industries Exchanges and for retail exclusive but affordable shops as well. Although may not be need it, it is our intention to offer tokens of all and any of the developments as way to share our technology and advances with our community, and moreover with all those connected to us in any way, those tokens will all be exchangeable in between and it is expected that in the future, will also be exchangeable with other Tokens, or Coins. If we succeed in our goals, all our tokens will become a single coin, by end of 2019/middle of 2020

(c) - 2018 by Vortix Ecosystem

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