Frequently Asked Questions

1. When will be the launch date of the PreSale and ICO?

PreSale is scheduled for first quarter 2018. Date has not yet been established but we assume will be around the first week of March 2018, anyway you check often or register as we will communicate it to all those registered ICO is designed in 4 rounds as we would like our community to share our timeline and releasing of products with us at the time they move forward supporting us, thus, rounds are scheduled at a pace of 1 ICO Round every 15 days, the start date has been fixed to May 25, 2018, 13 Hours Central European Time . PreSale will last for 90 days and ICO Crowdfunding period will last for 60 calendar days or until all Tokens are sold out.

2. Where can I learn more about the MySafe® Vortix VTX Project?

The best way to learn about us would be to either read the MySafe(r) Vortix VTX Whitepaper, the info on the official website, or ask us directly on:

Facebook: Facebook Vortix

Alternatively you may also contact us directly by email to

NOTE: Only at the official website in your secure private purchase interface and once you access (not before) shows the authorized address. In any case, it’s your responsibility.

3. Where can I buy/acquire the VTX tokens?

Purchase of VTX Tokens will be available ONLY MySafe(r) Vortix VTX (be aware of phishing, only these secure SSL addresses are the valid ones or  After you register yourself, we will warrant you access to your exclusive purchase and management page. Within the PreSale and ICO launch and end dates,, you will be able to purchase MySafe(r) Vortix VTX Tokens (VTX ) using multiple payment methods.

Please refer to the ICO guides on our website or in our of “Pinned Message” on the official teIegram chatroom here. Vortix VTX _ICO

4. What is the expected value of MySafe® Vortix VTX ?

The Basic Price of 1 VTX Token is fixed at 0.20 USD during all different sales stages like the PreSale and the 4 ICO Rounds. On the PreSale as usual, token is offered at a very attractive discount rate over the Basic Price, while in the ICO rounds, price shall be fixed according our developments, market conditions, thus token price can be settled at discount, at par value or over par (par is parity or Basic Price) . Thereafter, market will fix this but we can not advance anything about it and we will not do. In any event, if our company succeeds with our products, the holder of the token has a loyalty bonus, linked to our net profits, which makes very attractive to buy VTX tokens.

5. What is the Loyalty bonus for Legal Owners of the VTX tokens?

For 10 consecutive years, is equivalent to our 20% net profit once deducted all taxes to pay or paid debts, interest rates or amortizations, for the year to what we refer to pay you the bonus. The Net Profit is the reference value we use to fix the amount equal to the Loyalty Bonus of the year of reference, which will be distributed to all VTX holders. In no event this means you are getting directly a share of our net profits, as it is only a way to calculate it, more over it assign no additional right or benefit more than those what are described in the Whitepaper and on the contract.

6. What is the PreSale Offered Price for Early Investors

The PreSale is split in five allocation lots of 2,500,000 VTX tokens each, first come first sale basis, where the first lot is offered at 0.08 USD per VTX, the second lot at 0.09 USD per VTX, the third lot at 0.10 USD per VTX (this price, i.e., reflect a net 50% discount over basic price), the fourth lot at 0.11 USD per VTX and the fifth and last one at 0.12 USD per VTX, up to the total of 12,500,000 VTX tokens allocated for the PreSale Only. More info and details in our Whitepaper or website.

7. How can I make a wire transfer in USD or EUR?

We don’t accept USD, EUR, or any other fiat currencies. WE WILL NOT SUPPLY ANY BANK COORDINATES FOR SUCH WIRE, NOR WE ACCEPT PAYMENTS THIS WAY. Only those Payment Currencies as shown on the Whitepaper are accepted, that is ETHER (to Smart Contract or From Exchanges), BITCOIN, BITCOIN CASH, and LITECOIN. PLEASE FOLLOW EXACTLY OUR PAYMENT INSTRUCTIONS AND OUR WALLETS ADDRESSES FOR ANY COIN

8. Will there be an additional issue of tokens?

No. Only 200,000,000 VTX Tokens shall be ever produced, out of which ONLY 120,000,000 are allocated for sale via Crowdfunding PreSale and ICO Rounds. There will be, however, other coins from the Vortix Ecosystem Products or Services, all different to this one and referred to a different product a/o service, so please always stay tuned into our info channels.

9. How do I register an account?

You will need to sign up for an account in order to participate in the MySafe®Vortix VTX  VTX crowdfunding TOKEN PURCHASE. To register an account, please visit the official registration page here:

10. What’s the expected ROI?

Due to the nature of the business and differences between the investment goals we can achieve, the ROI may vary. At the moment we suggest, you take a look on our previsions placed on the Whitepaper, which although may seem very optimistic, are not at all but realistic, based on market conditions, demand and our main target customers group

11. Where and how to store MySafe(r) Vortix VTX Tokens and receive the Loyalty Bonus?

Conditions, timing and procedure of payment is described on the Whitepaper and both your Tokens and the ETH you may receive as a consequence of the loyalty bonus has to be stored on an Ethereum wallet, which supports ERC20 compliant tokens, such as the wallet available in your secure purchase and management page on our website, like MyEtherWallet or Mist, Metamask etc.It is highly possible that we may need some details of you to execute the payments regarding the Loyalty Bonus as we might be required by law to apply the KYC verification for such payments, but we shall let you know in any event, and on due time

12. Where can I find the bounty program details?

You can find a comprehensive MySafe(r) Vortix VTX bounty program guide in our web and BitcoinTalk.

13. Do you accept business, investments, ventures or cooperation proposals?

Sure, why not. We are always open to consider any potential new usage of our technology or development where our know how or resources may be used. Don’t hesitate to contact us by email to and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can

14. Is Vortix (VTX ) Token ERC20 compliant?

Yes, VTX Token is ERC20 compliant and as such can be stored on Ethereum wallets which support this protocol, such as the wallet offered on our site, MyEtherWallet and Mist, etc.

15. Where can I find the Smart Contract code?

You can find it out on etherscan site.

16. Are there any exceptions or jurisdictions regarding purchase of VTX Tokens?

Joining the PreSale or ICO rounds as a purchaser is in principle open to all countries where this is valid and legal. There are already restrictions or countries that forbid such kind of purchase, like the US, Singapore, P.R. China, and may be some others at the time of launch, citizens of these countries or regions are not allowed to participate as the regulations of your country or region forbid such transaction. We encourage our investors to be prudent with their decisions as you are the sole responsible and we have done all what is need to warn about investing from those countries and their nationals, as well as any purchase made by error will be returned

17. Can I buy tokens in fractions? (i.e 13.012579 MySafe® Vortix VTX )

Each Vortix VTX Token can be split down up to 8 decimal points.

18. How can I use Vortix VTX Tokens after the ICO?

After the ICO, you can sell it out or buy more on the open exchanges as private to private sales if you like, but besides trading and perhaps most important is, that each legal holder of Vortix VTX Tokens is entitled to the Loyalty Bonus program. Additionally it is will be, at later stages, fully liquid through exchange into other crypto or fiat currencies. We are working on it

19. Will my data be protected?

Our website is scanned on a regular basis for security issues and known vulnerabilities in order to make your visit to our site as safe as possible. We use regular malware scanning. Any personal information we may need to collect is downloaded and placed off the reach of Internet access point of any kind. In addition we use SSL protocol through and in all pages and data files may be need it to store within Internet reach. All transactions are processed on the block chain with their by itself secure ecosystems. In addition, we do not share any information of our users with any third party nor will in the future

20. Why can’t I see the account I have just created in the blockchain explorer (e.g., Etherchain, Etherscan)?

Only active accounts are visible in a blockchain explorer. Once you have transferred some ETH into the account, it should be visiblele.

21. Why can’t I see my ETH in the wallet?

If you run into this issue, make sure you are synced with the network. You can also check your balance at a service like

22. If I send BTC, ETH and other altcoins to MySafe® Vortix VTX Token Crowdfunding from the exchange, what happens?

Try to contact the exchange and ask them to transfer your tokens back, because they have them. Even though we tried to warn everyone in all our channels to send BTC, and other altcoins from the wallets that we recommend. Some people still send Ether and other Payment Currencies from the exchange. Many people keep making this mistake and that means that many of them can lose their funds as the exchange make the transfers from another address than the user requested (is not their BTC, and other altcoins deposit address within the exchange). While some people get help from the exchange, many times they won’t help and you lose your funds.
Unfortunately, we can’t issue tokens to people who made this mistake, since tokens are issued directly from the Tokens contract, and we have no control over this process once the contract is deployed, as well as you in fact did not pay or send any money to us which can be confirmed and in fact received by us, there is NO TRANSACTION REGISTERED with us we can confirm, and is completely beyond our reach and knowledge. Total amount of tokens delivered are proportionate to the amount of ether/ether equivalent (if you had paid with any other payment currency) that the contract has effectively received from all and any of the registered buyers whom we can confirm their received transactions, and up to the maximum allocated amount for PreSale, and ICO Rounds.

For Ether payments only, from Exchanges we have also implemented a payment solution with a specific wallet address you have to use in order to avoid such inconvenience, at the time to purchase click on the right choice to get the proper wallet address or smart contract address

23. In which country is MySafe® Vortix VTX based?

Based in Singapore and Switzerland plus a series of Western Countries where we have developer, research and innovations cells

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