At Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Rounds

There will be 4 rounds, one every 15 days, following the PreSale .

On each round a total of 26,875,000 VTX Tokens shall be made available to purchase, making a total of 107,500,000 VTX Tokens for the all ICO rounds

On due time, Sale Price will be published and any change on conditions as well, same if new rules or restrictions, if any, are coming into place. The Basic Price of 1 VTX = 0.20 USD is the main reference to fix the price but we reserve the right to offer the VTX tokens at discount, at par or over par, depending on different market factors and conditions, also about new developments that may come on products the company is developing at the moment.

We do also reserve the right to change the timing of the ICO rounds based in market trends, conditions and our corporate strategy at any given time.

Balance of VTX Tokens is allocated for company purposes and are distributed as follows:

30,000,000 VTX for Developers Locked for 2 Years

8,000,000 VTX for Bounty Offer*

7,000,000 VTX for Advisers, Employees

35,000,000 VTX shall be kept as reserve

VTX tokens on PreSale and ICO Rounds shall be transferred automatically to the Buyer’s registered wallet (the wallet from where the buyer has properly registered for such purpose and consistent with registration form indicated wallet) after the fixed end date and time of the PreSale and after the fixed the end date and time quoted for the ICO within the time frame fixed on the conditions of sale that shall be listed on the PreSale and ICO website, once all auditing be properly executed including amounts, beneficiaries and value received, but never before 2 hours of executed and confirmed buyer’s transaction payment or after 7 working days from the same transaction time.

More info in the Whitepaper

PreSale and ICO Rounds may end in an early date as the one fixed, if all tokens are sold out at that time.

If PreSale concludes and not all VTX tokens are sold, the remaining ones can, at our exclusive decision:

  1. Be offer in a Second Round PreSale or,
  2. Be sold through a private sale before ICO
  3. Be attached to our Reserves

If any or all of the ICO Rounds concludes and not all VTX tokens are sold, the remaining ones will be set as additional amount into our reserves.

*Bounty Rules and Conditions shall be listed in the Sale Website and major related forums a minimum of 15 days before PreSale

Funds generated by both PreSale and ICO shall be used in the following approximate percentages:

 Products Final Phase Development: 15%

  • Administrative Expenses: 15%
  • Marketing : 30%
  • Research and Innovation: 10%
  • IT Infrastructure, Software Licenses, Hardware Developments: 10%
  • Reserve: 20%