The Loyalty Bonus: A 20% equivalent of MySafe Products net profits

The holders of the VTX token are entitled to the following benefits:

  1. The Loyalty Bonus: A 20% equivalent of MySafe Products net profits, once all taxes are deducted and for 10 consecutive years.
  2. Discounts by using our services or contracting our products, same as on using services of our partners or sister companies.
  3. Discounts or bonuses at participating in future ICOs for other projects developments or market expansion,etc, that Vortix will be launching along the next 2 years, allowing you to buy other tokens of the ecosystem at better conditions than regular buyers.
  4. Full interaction into our ecosystem with the other products and services we are currently developing, allowing you to use the VTX token to buy or contract, exchange for other tokens within our ecosystem, this will be gradually implemented as different services and products be offered and launched into the market.
  5. Within a certain time frame (we expect to have it ready within one year), VTX and all other tokens regarding Vortix ICO’s, , are expected to be fully trade able against fiat currencies and other altcoins

*Dates refer to projected times but we make no warranty about concrete dates, VTX token is an utility ERC20 compliant token, is not and can not, be considered as an investment product.

For more detailed info just read our White Paper or, better even, register for buying VTX !!!