MySAFE: The Product

MySAFE® is a Digital Vault (futures stages consider also a mixed online-physical version), where in order to rent it, to open it, and execute all usual transactions proper to those common bank safety box you see on the movies or currently having be doing, need the extra security layer of the need to be processed under the block chain technology, fully encrypted and incorruptible under the form of transactions. All transactions are unique.

MySAFE® is a real product, still under development, and specifically designed to keep your digital valuables and also, in further stages, now under design, to keep your physical ones too.

Using Block Chain technology we produce several layers of security, making your vault completely safe, incorruptible, secure and completely confidential, and fully transferable through Ethereum Ecosystem.

You digital valuables leave your hands or smart phone, UBS key, data record, CD, laptop, or whatever delivery device you want to use, completely encrypted, nobody, unless you, knows the content.

Also no one, unless you, will be able to access it.

Additional features at a fee, include multiple signatures process for additional security layer, data (always encrypted), recovery insurance, upload and download (maximum upload according to your vault size), multiple vaults related to different purposes feature, wakeup call & delivery on your behalf (always encrypted) to whom you wish receive the content of your vault (i.e. an Execution of Multiple Wills transfer – documents where the vault key or the vault's keys are stored by your bank, your telephone, your Will executor, etc., making the Will reading unnecessary, if legally binding and legal)

MySAFE® is designed on a complete scalable format, both in size and amount of documents, and depending on the versions you will be able to upload endless amounts of documents or files.

All kind of digital files are supported for encryption and storage, being, i.e., documents of any kind, sound records, video, mix of, facial recognition files, fingerprints files, medical reports, digital shares certificates, e-bonds, cryptocoins, etc.

Several options of vaults shall be developed and gradually available to customers, being the first one to the market the single use, 360 days contract, renewable. MySAFE® price of product, in all of its variants or models, will be fixed in US Dollar as a way to keep the price stable, avoiding the extreme volatility of crypto currency at the moment.
Nevertheless MySAFE® will only be available on the block chain, mostly through the Ethereum EcoSystem, where it can be ordered, contracted, and payable through Metamask wallet and Ether coins, using FireFox and Chrome Browsers. Alternatively other cryptocurrencies may also be offered as payment options but for some specific Keys you will need an Ethereum platform compliant wallet.

If in the future, other cryptocoins that can perform smart contracts on a viable way, it may be added as an option, same as wallets. This is because we need to generate a specific and unique set of keys for any single customer and also, depending on the MySAFE® version, a single unique key per stored file.

For specific technical reasons, transactions are not possible to execute through smart phones at the moment, however, the vault is in evaluation to also be readable- once transactions are executed on a computer-, on smart phones through the proper APP. All transactions related to MySAFE® vault of any kind, shall be executed on the Ethereum platform, and all of them shall be fairly priced in US Dollar and then converted into ETHER, so you can use your Metamask wallet and pay for them. We do so to avoid fluctuations due to volatility on Ether and other cryptocoins market, so you pay same price for same product. Alternatively, we may also offer the option to pay with some other cryptocurrencies.

We shall never know what is kept for you in your vault or vaults, and we are no responsible of whatever it is on them contained. The only key or keys to open your vault will be in your possession from minute one and in those future vault versions, where you can share some file on view or hearing format, or transfer one of the many files you can hold to a third party, all these transactions shall be executed by you through a very easy app we shall supply.

Anyway, and at anytime, all documents will be either shared, and/or transferred, all time encrypted, by a and through a transaction initiated by you and the key to decrypt shall be received by you, either if it is partial sharing or full transfer. All services are supplied on a per year basis, at the end of such period, unless you have paid for many successive periods, you will be notified about the expiration of your contract, and you will have 5 days to renew, receiving, once renewed, your new key generated on the block chain, for the new term you have paid.

If not renewed, your files, will be available to be recovered by you for 15 days after expiration, and, unless you have subscribed for Data Insurance Feature, will be then burned.

If by case you are subscribed to Data Insurance protection (Additional Feature at a Fee), your files shall be available an additional 30 days for recovery and if not recovered, we shall send you a copy to your registered email after the waiting period of 30 days plus initial 15 days, from the expiry date of your Vault, prior contacting you by phone to confirm your delivery email address, to avoid sending to wrong addresses in case of change.

You will then receive your documents, encrypted, which can be decrypt by your original vault key.

Initial Products

MySAFE© vaults models are expected to be released within the next 18 months:


Single Key, Single User, NO Sharing, Single Transfer, One Year Contract.


Three Layer Security Key, Partial Transfer of your vault, Sharing allowed through multisig, 1 year contract.


MultiVault, Three Layer Security Key, Multiple User for upload (download only through main contractor authority), Partial Transfer of Vault, sharing through multisig, 1 year contract.

Thereafter additional Models and Versions plus some other options shall be added and also there will be a sort of “a la carte” customized option, where we shall be able to develop specific versions for specific purposes, like Banking and Financial Institutions, Health Industry and other organizations and companies.

The Files kept in our Database Blocks, shall be stored under a proprietary technology developed based in the block chain, allowing us to keep data split in blocks in different storage units.

The price of different vaults shall be based in the version, plus the additional features each one has, the amount of files (considering a file every unit object of a contract transaction on the network, for, i.e., transfer to other vault or third party) and the data size to be stored.


(c) - 2018 by Vortix Ecosystem

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