Referral Program

Greetings and Welcome!

As on today our Referral and Airdrop Ether + Bonus Campaign is active to all terms, and details as follows: For those who are willing to refer friends and colleagues through their own networks, websites, etc., our Referral / AirDrop ETH+VTX Bonus offer reward you straight forward in ETHER in the amount equivalent to a percentage of the total purchased tokens and the person you refer with the same percentage but, in his/her case, as additional VTX tokens added to their original purchase, but issued after audit/confirm of referral.

General Conditions and Details*:

1. You NEED to REGISTER (click the registration button here in below), which in fact is the same registry for buyers, either you will buy or not, we need same details from you as we will deliver currency to you, once you register, you will get several emails, including the one regarding  REFERRAL/AIRDROP ETH+VTX Bonus Campaign, where you will receive your unique ID Referral code, plus the address of the Repository if you need some promotional materials like banners or else and this is it, you are onboard!

2. If anyone or all of your referred people enter, register and make a purchase , buying VTX tokens, you are entitled directly to:

3% (three per cent) in ETHER** out of the total purchase made by your referral friend if it is in between the minimum (500 VTX) and 5,000 VTX tokens

4% (four per cent) in ETHER** out of the total purchase made by your referral friend if it is in between 5,001 VTX and 20,000 VTX

5% (five per cent) in ETHER** out of the total purchase made by your referral friend for any amount above 20,000 VTX tokens

*If by security reasons the maximum single purchase is below the amount you are willing to buy, please let us know to and we shall authorize such purchase

** At your request payment can also be executed in the same currency your referrer has paid if different than ETHER

Bonus for your referred friends: Those that buy because of you, through your unique code you will receive once register, get the same percentage as you as an additional bonus but in VTX tokens!

Referral Fee shall be paid to you without further delay within the 7 days, after we confirm investment from your referrer and link; and your payment will be executed in Ether directly to your Ether wallet (we shall ask your wallet in separate email after registration) as an appreciation bonus for spreading out our Sales campaign!… and your friends, will get their additional VTX tokens at the same time

3. Special Sales: Defined as a straight purchase of an amount of VTX Tokens over 100,000 units, either from one or several buyers by you acting as their negotiator, get the treatment of Private Sales and conditions will be agreed on a Case by Case Scenario, please get in touch with us through email at and we will try to find out the best possible conditions for your group or single private buyer.

You can at any time get in touch with us through email to check how many referrers from you have bought (if any), if not at the end of the PreSale or ICO Rounds you will get a proper detail although your payments will come as here in above quoted, almost automatically every referrer has paid and so through until ICO is ended, unless late purchases are made by your referrers

DO NOT FORGET YOU NEED TO REGISTER TO PARTICIPATE ! (click the registration button here in below)

This is it, we hope to count with you in this particular and we think, also very attractive campaign with the aim to reach our Hard Cap, and whatever doubt or clarification you may need do not hesitate to contact either by email ( , or Telegram through our group. Thank you for reading and wish you good luck to all of you people!

Vortix Team