MySAFE Vault® Buyers Brief

A part of the Vortix Ecosystem, our first product and related service out of 4 initial projects under development, all into the same ecosystem, plus hundred of additional products and services to come!

A multi-services and products platform where the Vortix Token Family shall be used to transact and execute orders, events, contracts and much more, linking the block chain technology to the real world and bypassing up to certain extent, over the current Internet browsing experience. Developed with DAPP’s, Client API’s and Proprietary Back End software, plus all interacting on the block chain (expected to be deployed on an independent proprietary but open and decentralized block chain, but with all tokens converted at equal value given on Ethereum ecosystem). In there you will find services and products like MySafe Vault, ThulePay, MegaBCMall, RetailINN (services and products names may change), and other developments either made by us or from third parties or in a joint venture, as far as all kind of smart contracts shall be possible to deploy into the ecosystem, allowing thousands of services and products  freely coexist without any burden or limitation but the system itself which will evolve. In short there will be place for Multi-billion Industries Exchanges and for retail exclusive but affordable shops as well and so many other services.

Although may not be need it, it is our intention to offer tokens and produce ICO’s  of all and any of the services a/o products developments as way to share our technology and advances with our community, allow buyers to profit of the expected revaluation on them, plus sharing through bonuses, the profit into all and any of the services and products developed by us, and moreover with all those connected to us in any way, those tokens will all be exchangeable in between and it is expected that in the future, will also be exchangeable with other Tokens, or Coins.

If we succeed in our goals, all our tokens will become a single coin (not a token but a crypto currency) and all of the tokens from all developments will be fully convertible into the crypto currency, which will run the ecosystem, by end of 2019/middle of 2020 when transferring into our own block chain. Then all shall be integrated into the :


Intends to be another Blockchain Environment similar to Ethereum Ecosystem and open to anyone willing to place their applications and developments for free but for the miners' transaction costs, as all of the current ones, However, and as way to give a boost on the very beginning we will not only supply the infrastructure but also some running businesses and applications/products and services which will be developed under the Ethereum Ecosystem on the beginning and once the infrastructure is settled, all exported into the new blockchain,  inside the products we shall develop to start with we can quote:   

  1. Security DAPP/APP single customer application for making your daily life a bit less scary about what you have inside your phone, or any connected device, explanations are in our site, https://vortix.io
  2. One Specific Commodity Stock Exchange for one very popular product, which in a way will come to solve the issue that there is no world market exchange reference and so we want to keep it confidential for the moment (the product)
  3. One retail shopping mall, starting with Art , Collectibles and Sybarite kind of products but at affordable prices and worldwide offered
  4. One Solution for offline payments to virtual world, allowing thousands of people who does not have the possibility to access to online shopping , to have such possibility, even in places there is no Internet at all (*just a land telephone line should be enough for almost instant access and usage)
  5. The new Blockchain infrastructure and API's and Programming Tools if need it, applications for miners, etc., plus all these prior products converging into a single currency and this new block chain, at the end, where all utility tokens from the prior projects will be converted to this currency as a part of our strategy. Plus all the services and products from third parties which can use a new block chain free as all others
  6. Thereafter and during this process, once the cryptocoin circulates, the nodes are established and miners organized, any other application based in smart contracts, smart messaging and new developments we are testing through the Blockchain technology, but on this new proprietary blockchain, shall be available to all developers  free to use it for their applications as, in example, Ethereum ecosystem today.

(c) - 2018 by Vortix Ecosystem

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