Vortix MySafeVault® ICO


Why it is time to buy VTX Tokens and how do you profit from your purchase of VTX Token USD?

Price compared to basic price is lowest possible one VTX Token is supported for a products/services based projects, not just ideas or photos or graphics

Expected Values for VTX Tokens based in running corporate products:

End of 2018, middle of 2019, 1 VTX = 0.8-1$

End of 2019, middle of 2020, 1 VTX = 5-6$

End of 2020, middle of 2021, 1 VTX = 12-13$

End of 2021, middle of 2022, 1 VTX = 33-35$

VTX Token USD and all VTX Tokens family (3 to 4 new projects are on the pipe) = All exchangeable and all convertible by end of 2019

VTX Token USd and all VTX Tokens family will all finally converge in single Crypto Currency = THE VORTIX COIN (Name confidential for the moment…)

 In addition to expected price, The VTX has both extrinsic value as all token as later will be in a way or another exchangeable as all tokens can be (exception made those from failed projects) and we shall certainly negotiate such possibility to our buyers, but also has intrinsic value as it is linked by a bonus (*The Loyalty Bonus) to a 20% equivalent of all benefits MySAFE Vault products will generate, payable per year basis and for next 10 years, plus will be used as purchase tool for different services and products, partially on the beginning until reach the coin status where all can be settled with the coin. All Vortix Tokens shall be converted to that coin at exchange value when the transition be in place. Based in the Loyalty Bonus paid outs, it is expected that at basic price (1 VTX = USD$0.20), VTX tokens be in fact fully paid back to buyers in 2 to 4 years since launch (2018), just because of receiving this bonus

Benefits to Buy VTX Tokens and Be Part of the Vortix Ecosystem

  1. Own a Token with a High Value Potential
  2. Own a Token that is expected to be paid back in full through the     Loyalty Bonus within 2 to 4 years time maximum and still profit 6 more years (Bonus last 10 years)
  3. Own a Token which will integrate a Token family (Vortix family of     Tokens) all convertible in between, you can switch from one to    another project at will, and also get benefits from all services and    products
  4. Own a Token which at the end, will be convertible to a cryptocoin under its own blockchain, the Vortix Ecosystem, where it is expected there will be unlimited applications from third parties, plus the ones from Vortix companies, developed under smart contracts, system smart messaging, smart confirmations and related services, completely decentralized and autonomous
  5. And as usual, own a Token we expect be fully exchangeable within the following months after ICO, and be fully liquid by middle/end 2019

Exclusive Additional Benefits to Big Volume Buyers* (VIP Buyers)*


6.Be the first to receive our products, test it, and try  it for FREE for 6 months . *Including cost of gas per transactions on the block chain. After 6 months period gas cost per transaction shall be bear by the customer.

7.Automatic 10% additional discount on second stage ICO (second service/product of the ecosystem expected to be launched early 2019 with ICO end of 2018) sale of Tokens (name to be announced on due time). This discount is additional to any discount we may offer on PreSale or ICO.

8.Automatic 13% additional discount on third stage ICO (third multiservice) sale of Tokens, additional to any other we may offer at PreSale or ICO.

9.Automatic 15% additional discount on fourth stage ICO (The Own block chain and cryptocoin launch) sale of Tokens, additional to any other we may offer at PreSale or ICO.

10.A credit of 2% additional value when all Vortix Tokens Family be converted into the singular cryptocoin.

  1. The first 4 transactions free of any fees and executed at net value (excluding gas transaction cost) on the Vortix Exchange consistent with selling or buying any Vortix token at exchange.

12.A special gift (of your choice) based in the amount of VTXTokenUSD (all other Vortix tokens will also have this specific Token appreciation) you purchase, which we shall deliver free insured shipping to the address of your choice. (Custom and import fees as restrictions that may exist regarding your choice, are customer's responsibility)

First call to buy at best possible price on any of the following ICO's: You will be have 72 hours advance notice for you to buy any other of our Token, Coin or Product or Service Offers)

(c) - 2018 by Vortix Ecosystem

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